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“Nic Albert has been a great partner on every type of project we’ve done together. His editing, research, and writing skills are all first rate and he combines these with a collegial style that makes him a pleasure to collaborate with.”

-Doug Lemov, author of Teach Like a Champion 2.0 and Reading Reconsidered

“Nic's feedback on my book was thoughtful, practical, well-explained, and incredibly useful. He came to the work with a wide range of knowledge and experience regarding social justice issues, and approached my book with an eye to not only the text, but also to the book's place in the movement. I appreciated Nic's work enormously, and I recommend him wholeheartedly to other authors.”           

-Maya Schenwar, Editor-in-Chief of Truthout and author of Locked Down, Locked Out: Why Prison Doesn’t Work and How We Can Do Better

“Nic was an incredible help to me as I edited and revised The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man. His insights and suggestions were amazing!”

-John Perkins, author of The New Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

“Nic went above and beyond to get our book to its most engaging, compelling, and powerful form. The difference was dramatic! His mix of excellent editing skills, ability to hold the 'big picture' vision for how to maximize our book's impact, and ability to bridge coauthors' style and priorities is truly a gift. He was a great match for social justice oriented work for a general or academic audience. I would work with him again in a heartbeat!”

-Sarah Adler-Milstein, coauthor of Sewing Hope: How One Factory Challenges the Apparel Industry’s Sweatshops

“I appreciated Nic’s kind words and his thoughtful and helpful suggestions.”

-Jeff Clements, author of Corporations Are Not People

“Nic is adept at understanding a manuscript’s key themes and following them throughout the book. He is a genius at blending the voices and styles of coauthors, even diplomatically helping resolve differences of opinion.”

-John Kline, coauthor of Sewing Hope: How One Factory Challenges the Apparel Industry’s Sweatshops

“Over the years I’ve worked with more than a dozen editors, and Nic’s work was the most thorough and thoughtful of them all.”       

-James L. Heskett, coauthor of What Great Service Leaders Know and Do: Creating Breakthroughs in Service Firms

“Nic did a superb job in insuring that the different words of three authors working from different locations flowed and integrated seamlessly into a book we are truly proud of. He was an absolute pleasure to work with. We would use him again in an instant!”

-Len Schlesinger, coauthor of What Great Service Leaders Know and Do: Creating Breakthroughs in Service Firms

“Nic was a terrific partner in getting to the essence of what I wanted to convey in my book, Two Birds in a Tree. As an editor, he had just the right sense of what to take out and what to keep, and how to maintain a seamless flow of personal stories, concepts, and business examples that would be compelling for the reader. He did all this while remaining true to my writing style, contents, and intention. He did all this with humor and grace and was very easy to work with. I couldn't have asked for a better editorial partner.”

-Ram Nidumolu, author of Two Birds in a Tree

"Nic Albert's editing of our book Shakti Leadership made all the difference. His ability to trim down a hefty manuscript without losing the essence is a rare gift."

- Nilima Bhat, coauthor of Shakti Leadership

“Nic has a development editor’s expert eye for both minor details and big picture ideas. He provided me with excellent and engaged guidance to make my book the best it could be.”

-Leon Anderson, author of Deviance: Social Constructions and Blurred Boundaries

"Nic was a superb development editor of our textbook.  He managed the big picture while also paying attention to the smallest details, keeping the three coauthors on schedule with their work, coordinating the development of 25 chapters and hundreds of inserts, and handling over 100 graphics, all while putting in a great deal of time to close editing the text. Impressively, he truly understood the book’s purpose, suggesting revisions that strengthened its fundamental narrative and arguments while improving its consistency and fluidity. Throughout he was professional, friendly, and often witty. I look forward to the next chance I have to work with him."

-Susan Gauss, coauthor of A New History of Modern Latin America

“Nic helped us get A New History of Modern Latin America ready for publication and he did a great job, running herd on us and being able to see both the details and the big picture. This was my first experience with a developmental editor and I recommend Nic and his skills—both as an editor and his people skills—with great enthusiasm.”

-Larry Clayton, coauthor of A New History of Modern Latin America

“Nic Albert served as developmental editor for a new edition of a textbook, in which I had a previous and a new coauthor. It was a long and complicated process, ultimately reaching nearly 700 pp., and Nic was always attentive, helpful, and efficient. He kept all the moving parts in order, wielded a deft editorial pen, questioned important points that needed raising, and finally delivered the whole package to the press. He saved us a great amount of time and anguish and likely avoided many gaffes and mistakes. He was just the greatest editor I've worked with.”

-Michael L. Conniff, coauthor of A New History of Modern Latin America 

“I have worked with Nic on several projects and his work was excellent. It makes a huge difference to work with somebody like Nic!”

-Antonio Dávila, coauthor of The Innovation Paradox

“I worked with Nic on my third book and greatly appreciated how he simplified the publishing process. Nic is friendly, quick, animated, and professional. He made himself available for discussion, shared great ideas, and showed commitment to the material.”

-Tom Szaky, CEO of TerraCycle, Inc. and author of Outsmart Waste

"Nic did fantastic work on my CBT in 7 Weeks workbook. His edits kept the spirit and voice of my words while tightening up the language and clarifying where needed. I would definitely work with him again." 

-Seth J. Gillihan, PhD, author of Retrain Your Brain: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in 7 Weeks